Andrew Sullivan

Obituary of Andrew Sullivan

Andrew was born on May 10, 1965 to Pat and Eta Sullivan in Sacramento, CA. He attended St. Charles Borromeo Catholic School and Christian Brothers High School. Andrew graduated from Chico State with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Andrew passed away on August 29, 2022 at McKenzie-Willamette Hospital.


Andrew was highly intelligent and enjoyed gaming. He could spend hours reading and studying strategies for any game that he was currently focused on. Andrew also enjoyed hiking and camping, as well as traveling. He always enjoyed planning out trips for the family. Andrew stayed in touch with his youthful side and enjoyed taking his children to amusement parks, museums or just to the movies. He loved to take his kids sledding or to play in a waterfall.


Andrew enjoyed traveling and had been to several countries, including Ireland, Germany, Greece, Israel and Mexico. Andrew once drove across the country with a friend, trying to hit as many states as possible. Andrew loved going to Hawaii with his best friend Joe and for his honeymoon.


Andrew worked in both IT and in financial planning. He loved to track and understand the stock market.


Andrew had a wonderful, dry sense of humor that could catch you off guard. Especially because he could be so quiet. People might think he was shy, but really he was reserved. He liked taking things in and then having a really deep discussion with someone when he found out what their expertise was.


Andrew had a warm and loving heart and was always distressed when he thought anyone was not treated well or unfairly. He didn’t like people to be forgotten.


 Andrew is survived by His wife Bonnie, son Aidan and daughter Audrey. He is also survived by his oldest brother Brian and his wife Elly, his next oldest brother Patrick and his younger brother David. Andrew is also survived by his mother and father in law, Tom and Micki Borkus, his brother and sister in law, Billy and Jessie Borkus and his nieces and nephews Otie Sullivan, Riley Sullivan, Avery Borkus, Phoebe Borkus and Jacob Borkus.


Andrew was predeceased by his parents Pat and Eta.

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