Mason Loewen

Obituary of Mason Forrest Loewen

He entered into heaven on December 2nd, 2021. He was such a beautiful soul. He brought kindness and welcomeness to this world. He cared for every human being he came in contact with. He was goofy, he was amazingly loud, he was empathetic, he was kind-hearted, he was funny, he was beautiful, and most importantly was extremely kind. Being kind was cool. He wore his big boots with jeans, sweats, and pajama pants. During the holidays he always had his pockets full of candy canes and as he ate them would drop a trail of wrappers through the house. No matter how much that bothered us, we would do anything to see them on the floor. He loved peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and every time he made eggs the plate was gigantic. He loved when his neighbors Mr. David and Miss Marta would ask for his assistance. Washing the horse truck, helping stack wood, and helping with hay in the summer was how he made his ice cream cash. He loved the opportunities when he got to see and help his friend Steve Pelroy. He was diligent in his daily walks by his house, with his walking sticks, taking hundred of photos of the wilderness, and the Herbert cows, and our mama told him everyday, “don't talk to any weird cars not from our road and give a friendly wave to any neighbors you see,” and he always did. Returning from his daily walks with the mail and most times flowers for our mama.

He loved the Fern Ridge Library and he loved his carpentry class. His favorite ice cream was vanilla with cookie dough chunks. He would always bypass asking our mama and beg our sister Tess to pick some up from the store on her way home from work. He walked with music filling his ears each day, most days repeating the same song over and over again. His smile was fulfilling and so captivating. His big fluffy hair was ridiculously hilarious and magnificent. His ears were small but his heart heard the beauty of the world. He could always tell when someone was sad or not feeling like themselves, and that was what made him so easy to talk to. His laugh was so loud, so amazingly loud. Every morning he made coffee for his mama and siblings. He would set his alarm clock just to make sure the coffee was done before we all woke up. He would have his water bottle filled with it every single school day, always adding so much creamer, he loved sweet things. He wrote letters, asking our older brothers and sisters for dating advice to be written down on three “peaces” of paper so he could keep them in his special box so he could remember and look back on them.

He would share his favorite daily quote with our mama when her work day was done, apologizing before she read or listened to it if there was a curse word. He loved music and dancing in the kitchen with his family. Mason and our mama would practice two-stepping to “Wagon Wheel” for some day when he got married. He loved helping our brother Dalton load garbage, he loved when our brother Isaac took him to the Noti Market, he loved when our sister Tess brought him ice cream, he loved singing with our sister Elise, he loved staying after school for events with our sister Alexis, he loved playing xbox with our brother Dominic, he loved watching anime with our sister Sophia, he loved sharing his walks with our nephew Ashton, and he loved having lunch delivered to school by his father. He loved finding inspirational quotes about love, friendship, family, and kindness. He loved God and his bible from childhood friend Aidan Sander and his family. Ellensburg Mercer Creek Church Kids Club was “awesome” to Mason. He felt the beauty in the small things, it made him even more beautiful than he already was.

He has so many dreams he wanted to accomplish. In his journal he wrote, “Okay, so I have dreams; 1) Date, 2) I wanna have a family at some point, 3) I wanna skydive or bungee jump, 4) I wanna have a good job that I like, 5) I want my friends to be happy, 6) I wanna live healthy, and I wanna find why I am here.” He wanted to spread happiness. He always talked about the things he would do when he turned 18. He was going to do a road trip to Kentucky with his good friend. He wanted to join the military and fight for this country just like his grandpa Poppy. He was excited for basketball to start this January. He was hoping to get a new controller to play video games this Christmas. He had so much more life to live and so many more people to share his kindness with.

We will miss him forever and his soul will always be cherished and remembered. Mason loved us and for all of you reading this, if you met our Mason, he loved you too. Mason will continue to be cherished by his mama, Jennifer Loewen, his dad David Loewen; his brothers and sisters;  Dalton, Elise, Isaac, Tess, Alexis, Dominic, and Sophia Loewen; nephew Ashton Loewen. Grandparents William and Tamara Holmes of Thorp, WA. Barbara Loewen of Eugene. His Auntie Tara Morris and cousins; Shelby, Jessica, Emma, and Kyle and Uncle Aaron Morris of Selah, Washington. His Uncle Ryan McDonnell, Aunt Sarah and cousin RaeRae of Hayden, ID. Mason’s other Aunties Angela Dyk of Thorp, WA, Julie Johnson of Kittitas, WA and Molly Glaves of Cle Elum, WA. Mason’s favorite bus drivers Miss Karma of Thorp, WA and Pastor Paul of Eugene, OR. His teachers Mr. McDowell, Mr. Chambers, and Mr. Brummett of Oregon, and so many more other relatives, friends, and teachers that we want to list. Be kind, take walks, take pictures of cows, don’t rush your day, pick the beautiful weeds, wave to your neighbors, and eat ice cream.

Our memory statement may not be perfectly written, or make sense to all, but is us sharing about our brother, our mama’s sweet boy, and his knowledge of kindness. Some things may be misspelled but it is in remembrance of Mason and his spelling errors that we can still find joy in.

In lieu of flowers, even though Mason loved flowers, our family would appreciate donations made in Mason’s name to SEA (Special Education Association) of Thorp, WA. or the following;

The Fern Ridge Library, Veneta, Or

Special Olympics Unified Sports of Lane County


A memorial service for Mason is being held at the Lane Memorial Gardens on Friday, December 10th, 2021 from 3:00 - 4:30 5300 West 11th Eugene. The service is structured for his friends and all those that enjoyed him so that they are comfortable. Photo video, candy canes, quotes loved by Mason, and keepsake pictures will be available.


Kind words, memories, or photos shared in journals provided at the memorial are welcomed or may be sent to our memorial email


A second memorial service will be held at the Thorp Community Church in Thorp, WA. The date and time will be announced in the Ellensburg Daily Record.


Talk about the dangers of media challenges, and in person challenges that our youth are participating in. Being young is fun, full of risks, dares, and becoming independent.  Listen for some key phrases that include; pass out, unconscious, sleeping, euphoric.  Our youth cannot be sheltered from all of the dangers, but the more that we are aware and are not afraid to talk about dangers, the more we are able to protect our children. 

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