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Pet Options

Pet Burial & Cremation

The Musgrove Family acknowledges and values the bonds we make with our pets. We have identified and gathered together a selection of services and merchandise that are designed for families to honor that relationship. We can help create lasting memorials that allow families and their animal members to have their bodies or cremated remains buried or placed together in our cemeteries. Options include:

  • Pet Cremations
  • Pet Burials
  • Pet parents buried with their pets
  • Pet Urns and Caskets (a wide selection of containers)
  • Pet Cremation Niches
  • Pet parent’s urn placed in a niche with their pets 
  • Pet Funeral and Memorial services

Please inquire at any of our Mortuaries or Cemeteries about Pet options. Or contact us at faithfulfriends@musgroves.com.

ingfield Memorial Gardens' Valley View Room

 Faithful Garden at Lane Memorial Gardens